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Adding up the Advantages of Metastorm Business Process Management for Tax Engagement Management

BPM is a critical investment that Accounting firms are starting to include in their mission critical calculations. While firms have traditionally invested in the software solutions to facilitate and automate preparing tax returns, many firms are struggling today to manage their tax engagement workload.  Participants will learn how applying business process management will assist them in fully tracking all actions taken for each Tax Engagement.

Date/Time: Tue May 20, 2008, 12:00 PM, USA Eastern
(Tue May 20, 2008, 9:00 AM, USA Pacific)

Duration: 1 Hour

Contact: Towanda Coles



Adding up the Advantages of Metastorm Business Process Management for Tax Engagement Management
With a focus on enterprise visibility, optimization, and agility, Metastorm offers market-leading software for Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Analysis & Modeling (BPA) and Business Process Management (BPM). Metastorm Enterprise™ allows organizations to improve business results by unifying strategy, analysis and execution.
The Tax Engagement Management solution is an example of how Metastorm BPM® can be utilized within accounting firms. Other processes that accounting firms have benefited from automating are New Engagement, New Client Intake, and various Human Resources and Administrative processes.
In this webinar, Stephen Barrett, CPA CITP, with HKMP Technologies will share his perspective on the importance of BPM to the Accounting vertical – and more specifically to his firm!
Kim Lewis with Metastorm will give a demonstration of the Tax Engagement Management solution.  During the demonstration you will learn how the Metastorm Tax Engagement Management solution:
  • Provides the ability to manage and prioritize Engagement workload
  • Ensures client and account data is comprehensive and automatically communicated throughout the process
  • Reduces bottlenecks through the use of escalation techniques and deadline reminders
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing document management systems
  • Fully tracks actions taken for each Tax Engagement
  • Provides “quick status” information for any engagement so that you have accurate information whenever a Partner, Manager, or Client requests it
  • Restricts access, visibility and activity based on roles at each stage in the process
  • Presents a variety of user and management reports (e.g., process metrics, KPI dashboard)
  • Provides system administration capabilities to define drop-down field selections, author text for form-specific help windows, etc.
Register today to attend this complimentary webinar and see a demonstration of Metastorm’s Tax Engagement Management solution.


Stephen Barrett
HKMP Technologies
Stephen Barrett, CPA, CITP, and MCP, is the partner in charge of technology for HKMP Technologies, LLC, He has played a significant role in HKMP’s establishment as a national leader in accounting technology. His unique combination of accounting skills and IT mastery has made him a true expert in his field. Stephen actively consults with firms of all sizes to help construct and customize paperless and automated environments.


Kim Lewis
Regional Senior Sales Engineer

Kim Lewis is a Regional Senior Sales Engineer with Metastorm with expertise in the Legal and Accounting verticals. In this role, she evangelizes the Metastorm Enterprise™ software suite and shares her product and BPM market knowledge with prospective and existing clients.

Kim has been with Metastorm since 1997 and has filled a variety of positions within the organization including Solutions Marketing, Professional Services, Education, and Product Development.