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Monetizing the Cloud, Software licensing on Azure with InishTech (CSD139CAL)

Original Air
Wed May 25, 2011, 8:00 AM, USA Pacific

Duration: 1 Hour

Contact: Academy Live



Building for Azure is not an important technical decision for an ISV. Itís much more than that. Itís a huge strategic decision for an ISV. Why? Because they are not just deciding on a new development platform. Cloud computing changes the fundamentals of the entire software business, and for an individual ISV to take that step means dealing with the new, largely unknown reality. InishTech can help. The move to the cloud is made easier with InishTech, because we address several business challenges waiting for ISVs in the cloud, like how to re-purpose their business model to handle SaaS, how to create, manage and provision distinct service packages, how to license, manage & meter tenants and how to effectively monetize customer instances. Join InishTech for this overview session which explains how, by using the SLPS service, ISVs can monetize their Azure applications.


Andrew OíConnor
Head of Sales & Marketing
Andrew O'Connor is Head of Sales & Marketing at InishTech. With a career in technology spanning 15 years, Andrew has a background in information security, AI, mobile technologies & cloud computing, having served in senior roles across sales, marketing & management in a variety of organisations -- from small start-ups to large global companies. Andrew started his career in Dell Computers before periods in Hong Kong with ICG Capital and then 2 years in New York with Progressive Strategies Inc, an IT consulting firm. More recently, he has served as Director of Global Business Development for Baltimore Technologies (NASDAQ: BLM), and Sales Director at Amdocs (NYSE: DOX). These days Andrew spends most of his time with software companies, discussing how they can most effectively monetize their technology and exploit the cloud.


Peter McEvoy
Senior Developer & Azure Team Lead
Peter McEvoy is Senior Developer & Azure Team Lead at InishTech. Peter originally graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Mathematics and has built a career in technology over the course of the past 15 years. Peter has worked at a number of large international companies including Gateway, Oracle and IONA Technologies. For the past 2 years, Peter has been primarily focused on cloud technologies, leading the Azure development effort at InishTech.

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