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Website security testing on Microsoft Azure with Cenzic: Easily protect websites against hacker attacks (CSD140CAL)

Original Air
Wed Jun 1, 2011, 8:00 AM, USA Pacific

Duration: 1 Hour

Contact: Academy Live



What do hackers look for when attacking Websites? And how do you know when you’ve been hacked?

As web hacking expertise has become a lucrative endeavor, some hackers rather stay silent and you may never find out that you’ve been compromised until it’s too late. Or, some will even promote their conquests to further damage your organization. Either way, a breach can have significant impacts to your bottom line and brand.

Attend this session to learn easy ways to protect your company and data from this subversive underworld and see live demonstrations on:

  • How simple it is for hackers to access critical data behind a typical website, and
  • Cenzic’s ClickToSecure Cloud web testing service and how it can easily help you protect your website from hacker attacks.
We look forward to your attendance.
Jon Zucker
Senior Product Manager
Jon Zucker has worked in the software industry for many years and held senior positions in both sales and product management. As a Senior Product Manager at Cenzic, Jon is responsible for managing the Hailstorm Product suite including Hailstorm Enterprise ARC, Hailstorm Professional and ClickToSecure , Cenzic's SaaS and managed services products. Prior to joining Cenzic, Mr. Zucker worked at SumTotal Systems, an enterprise talent management software company and at CA.

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