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Bing Maps Solutions for Oil and Gas Help Companies Make Faster, Smarter Business Decisions (EPG299CAL)

Original Air
Thu Jun 7, 2012, 9:00 AM, USA Pacific

Duration: 1 Hour

Contact: Academy



Join Scott Freefield, Microsoft Solutions Specialist, and Microsoft partners, Infusion and OnTerra Systems, to learn how Bing Maps solutions can benefit your Oil and Gas business. You’ll see presentations and solution demo’s tailored for O&G that will illustrate how Bing Maps solutions can:
  • Strengthen Customer and Constituent Connections
  • Improve Organizational Insight into Key Business Data
  • Effectively Manage Mobile and Geographic Assets

Infusion, an award winning innovation firm, will present an interactive demo and Oil and Gas focused use case, to show how Bing Maps can integrate into your existing systems to visualize rigs or oil field assets. Not only will you be able to see them on the map but, you will be able to dig in for additional details through BI dashboards reviewing projected revenue for each asset. OnTerra Systems, a leader in Location Based Services, will talk about Bing Maps for fleet optimization, including:

  • Fixed and Mobile Asset Tracking
  • Emergency/Employee Cell Phone Location
  • Route Optimization

Additionally OnTerra will discuss how you could integrate Bing Maps into existing fleet and GIS applications using their WMS service MapSavvy.

About Infusion: Infusion solves business problems by combining expert software engineering with appealing user experiences and design. Infusion transforms businesses through the use of smart, engaging and innovative technology. As a Global Microsoft Partner, Infusion is commitment to emerging technologies that both create excitement and magic while meeting objectives that prepare you for the future.(

About OnTerra Systems: Founded in 2005, OnTerra Systems is a company of Web mapping experts, programming specialists, and project managers that provide Web mapping services and products, fleet optimization systems and products, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration services and consulting. OnTerra Systems is a long-time Microsoft partner. (



Scott Freefield
Bing Maps Solution Specialist
Scott Freefield has succeeded in a variety of customer and partner roles at Microsoft during his 17 year tenure at Microsoft   He is currently driving geospatial solutions with customers and partners in the South Central District.


Eric Butler
Account Executive
OnTerra Systems
Eric Butler has over 12 years of experience in the geospatial industry. He started his career as a Physical Scientist for the USDA Forest Service before accepting the opportunity to administer the GIS program for the world-renown City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department. Eric later moved into the private sector filling a variety of geospatial technical marketing and account executive roles at ESRI and various ESRI and Microsoft Partners. He holds a BA in Geography (University of Colorado, Boulder) and is currently the Account Executive for OnTerra Systems specializing in Bing Maps solutions.


Nicholas Hamawi
Creative and Dynamic Software Engineer
Nicholas Hamawi is a creative and dynamic software engineer at Infusion with over 18 years of professional experience developing Windows GUI, real-time embedded, and web applications, with a recent focus on teaching C#, Silverlight, and WPF to major consumer electronics corporations and large government agencies. With extensive C, C++, C#, and Assembly Language experience, including 27 years of programming and over 1 million lines of published code, Nicholas has often been referred to as the "go-to guy" for designing and optimizing complex logic and computational algorithms. In particular, Nicholas has had extensive experience with the implementation and utilization of Bing Maps for both public and private sites and uses this knowledge to integrate emerging Microsoft technologies with Microsoft Mapping technologies. Nicholas holds a Master of Computer Science & Engineering degree from the University of Connecticut.

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