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Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM Solutions (EPG353CAL)

Duration: 1 Hour

Contact: Academy



Join this webcast to learn how Bing Maps makes it easy for organizations to visualize, understand and interpret their CRM data in a location context to help make smarter business decisions.  We will explore solution scenarios that illustrate how Bing Maps integrated with Dynamics CRM can help you better plan, optimize, and monitor sales activity and results.  You’ll see how to use Bing Maps thematic and heat maps to:
  • Map your sales accounts, leads and opportunities to demographics, market conditions and competitive intelligence to identify and take advantage of best opportunities
  • Map your customers, sales and service field resources, and service requests to make smart operational decisions that improve quality and efficiency, and lower costs.
Bing Maps partner, OnTerra Systems, will join us to demonstrate CRM Savvy - their native solution Bing Maps add-on for Dynamics CRM.  CRM Savvy provides geocoding, mapping, routing, route optimization and driving directions out-of-the-box.
We’ll conclude the webcast with an overview of  licensing options and answer questions.


Chris Longo
Bing Maps Partner Account Manager
Microsoft Corporation
Chris Longo has been in the mapping industry since 1998 with various roles in remote sensing/GIS companies.   He has been with Microsoft for five years with the first four years as a Bing Maps Solution Sales Professional (SSP) covering the Northwest US.  In that role he engaged with various Fortune 500 companies, with the objective of providing the Bing Maps APIs for their respective sites/applications as well as increase the visibility of the Bing brand.  Over the past year he has been managing the Americas partner program for Bing Maps to broaden the breadth of mapping at Microsoft.  Partners are key to Bing Maps success in the Enterprise and creating the tools and corresponding solutions are instrumental to a healthy ecosystem.


Steve Milroy
OnTerra Systems
Steve Milroy is a recognized industry expert with location based services and geospatial solutions, and is a co-founder and CEO of OnTerra Systems Steve works with customers and partners on customer solutions and products including geospatial data visualization, route optimization, mobile applications and CRM integration. Steve has presented at developer conferences, user groups, and business associations on many emerging technology solution and development topics. Steve earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Biological and Chemical Technologies from the University of Western Sydney, in Sydney, Australia.

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