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Geospatial Solutions In Action: How Work Gets Done (EPG355CAL)

Original Air
Tue Jan 22, 2013, 11:00 AM, USA Pacific

Duration: 1 Hour

Contact: Academy



Let the Cloud Manage Your Geospatial Data
Presented by Rony Ledany – Terra Pixel

Attend this session and see how customers are saving money and managing their geospatial data in the cloud. If you are interested in hosting your data in the cloud, reducing IT costs of infrastructure and accessing the data through the Bing Maps API, then this session is for you! We also will discuss how users can share their data through OGC WMTS/WMS Web Services. And if you’re a State & Local Government customer we also will demonstrate how your imagery can be hosted on the Bing Maps Platform at no cost, reaching millions of viewers and developers
Painlessly Collaborate Across Jurisdictions in Both Good Times and Bad
Presented by Scott Caulk from IDV Solutions

See how responders from 10+ jurisdictions operate on the same page at the bustling Blue Water border crossing in St. Clair County, MI. These collaborators rely on Bing Maps and Visual Command Center from IDV Solutions for the day to day all-up operational picture necessary to work active incidents and plan for future contingencies. Get a peek into what makes their RESILIENT program so unique and so effective, whether its responding to a gas leak or preventing a major terrorism event.


Rony Ledany
Managing Director
Terra Pixel
Rony Ledany is Terra Pixel's Managing Director with over 15 years experience with geospatial IT and aerospace. Rony graduated from Embry Riddle University with a BSc in Pro Aeronautics and Aerospace Safety. Rony started his carrier as a Flight Instructor, Airline Pilot, and then started his own aerial photography company. Rony was the president of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (NE region), then founded Terra Pixel with a focus on cloud based geospatial services and geospatial OGC standards. Terra Pixel are a Microsoft partner. Rony lives in VA with his wife and daughter.


Scott Caulk
VP of Product Management for IDV Solutions
Scott Caulk is the Vice President of Product Management for IDV Solutions and in this role is the primary messenger to and for the market as it relates to Visual Fusion software, Visual Command Center, and other IDV products. Scott has over 12 years of IT experience as a developer, project manager, and product manager. In addition to graduating with honors and earning an MBA from Michigan State University's Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, Scott also holds a Master's Degree in Education from Azusa Pacific University. He lives in Michigan with his wife and son.


Kevin Adler
Geospatial Business Manager
Kevin Adler has spent the last decade within Microsoft's Public Sector division working across multiple technologies and disciplines to help Federal, State and Local Governments improve operations and service to citizens through the use of Microsoft software.

As an Enterprise Geospatial Business Manager, Mr. Adler works with government agencies to assist them in defining and implementing location-based solutions utilizing Microsoft's Bing maps platform technologies to augment situational awareness of business intelligence data.

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