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Microsoft Location/Geospatial Solutions for Fleet Tracking and Logistics (EPG346CAL)

Original Air
Fri Nov 2, 2012, 7:00 AM, USA Pacific

Duration: 1 Hour

Contact: Academy



With ever increasing fuel prices and regulation for commercial fleets, reducing cost and improving compliance is important for most businesses. The Aberdeen Group in a 2007 report estimates an $1,100 per vehicle per year savings for customers who use fleet tracking software. This webcast will provide an overview of Microsoft Location and Geospatial technology for fleet tracking and logistics solutions. We will look at Bing Maps and SQL Server spatial capabilities providing tracking, mapping, imagery, geo-coding, geo-fencing, alerting and reporting. We will also look at OnTerra’s Bing Maps add-ons for fleet and logistics including web services for commercial/truck routing, speed limits, transportation Points of Interest (POI) and route optimization. We will review demonstrations of all of these solution capabilities, licensing options,  and answer questions.  


Michelle Harken
Bing Maps/Geospatial Solution Specialist
Microsoft Corporation
Michelle Harken is the Bing Maps/Geospatial Solution Specialist for Microsoft's Midwest District.  Michelle has been with Microsoft for nearly 13 years and prior to having the Bing Maps role, she was an Account Technology Strategist covering large enterprise accounts in the retail/hospitality, manufacturing and consumer goods industries.  She has also held application development and strategy consulting positions during her time with Microsoft.  Prior to joining Microsoft, Michelle was a lead development consultant specializing in large scale, Line of Business applications for Fortune 500 companies.  Michelle earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.


Steve Milroy
OnTerra Systems
Bing Maps Technology Specialist
Steve Milroy is a recognized industry expert with location based services and geospatial solutions, and is a co-founder and CEO of OnTerra Systems Steve works with customers and partners on customer solutions and products including geospatial data visualization, route optimization, mobile applications and CRM integration. Steve has presented at developer conferences, user groups, and business associations on many emerging technology solution and development topics. Steve earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Biological and Chemical Technologies from the University of Western Sydney, in Sydney, Australia.

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